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Science Supplements For HomeSchoolers

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New Answers Book

Item: 34423 
New Answers Book by Ken Ham, Crystal Sikkens, Pete Cross, Vanesa Del Rey, Chris Visions, William Link & Sylvia Yount

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RRP: $14.99  You Save: $1.50
In Six Days

Item: 8200 
In Six Days by John F. Ashton, Ph.D., Keith Mallett, Heather Ross, Tom Hutchison, Eli Bernstein, Marta Rondon & David Mungello

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RRP: $16.99  You Save: $1.70
In The Beginning Was Information

Item: 23603 
In The Beginning Was Information by Werner W. Gitt

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Creation Facts Of Life (Revised)

Item: 73041 
Creation Facts Of Life (Revised) by Gary E. Parker, Ian Edginton, Rahsan Ekedal, Brendan S. Lillis, Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez, Elizabeth Blackburn, Glenn Barr & Kevin Nowlan

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RRP: $11.99  You Save: $1.20

Item: 72997 
Lie-Evolution by Ken Ham

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Taking Back Astronomy

Item: 73040 
Taking Back Astronomy by Jason Lisle, Jennifer A. Harte, Masanori Nagami, Izumi Walker, Kate Rudd, Melissa Hamilton, Jeff St. Charles & Scott Silsby

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RRP: $16.99  You Save: $1.70
Thousands... Not Billions

Item: 73032 
Thousands... Not Billions by Donald Deyoung, Richard Boyatzis, Frances Johnston, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Elizabeth Jasicki, Carol Atkinson & Michael Hayes

Our Price $12.59
RRP: $13.99  You Save: $1.40
Footprints In The Ash

Item: 73021 
Footprints In The Ash by John D. Morris, Steven A. Austin, Antonio Campo, Cheri Goretti, Robin D. G. Kelley, Antonio Criminisi & Jon Buller

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RRP: $16.99  You Save: $1.70
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